At various stages in life, people can feel overwhelmed, disappointed, lost, confused, hurt, anxious, depressed, alone, misunderstood, marginalised ...

This can lead to thoughts and behaviours which leave one "stuck" and living below that which is desired.

Sometimes, in order to move forward, it is helpful to talk to a professional in order to identify, work with, and release, that which is unhelpful.

Individual counselling and psychotherapy sessions are aimed at clearly indetifying what the core issue/s is/are ... understanding how they have come to be ... what holds them in being ... what has precipitated the request for assistance - now ... and how one might experiment with moving forward.

Group sessions are focussed on particular needs, detailed to attendees' requests.

The book is a collection of "helpful hints" and stories which aim to empower boys, their parents and teachers.

I would be happy to hear from you if you think I can assist you.

All the best - Pascal.