A set of small-group conferences for parents are held throughout the year. Maximum number of participants is eight. If you would like to gather a group of parents to focus one of the following topics ... or if you would like to present Pascal with a topic that a group would like to pursue, then please let your request be known via the contact form.

Conference Title: Anxious Teens.

There is a growth in the incidence of teens presenting with anxiety.

The 4 nights represent an opportunity to deal  with:

  • What are the contributing factors?
  • How is teen anxiety expressed?
  • What helps reduce anxiety?
  • How do families best cope with an anxious member?

Participants will deal in depth with the issue … will hear from others … will trial suggestions … will report back … will receive additional support from therapist and participants

Conference Title:  Helping my son manage his anger

In what ways do teen males commonly express anger? How can I encourage an authentic expression of my son’s anger in a controlled way? What about anger turned inward? Passive-aggression? How can anger, expressed in a responsible way, add to healthy growth and development? How do I, as parent, cope with anger which threatens and challenges me?

Conference Title: Drawing boundaries

Teens today are presented with a vast array of temptations that cause them to push boundaries in ways that parents, as teens, never did. Before parties, after parties, drug availability, online communications and social networking all present parents with an increasing number of challenges to their attempts to set boundaries on behaviour. How can parents reassert authority, negotiate reasonable boundaries, charter a course between dependence and independence?